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Are you thinking of remodeling or resurfacing an in-ground concrete pool?

At Cape Cod Pool Repair Pool Plastering, we understand that there are a lot of questions you need to ask before you begin this project. Below are some answers to our most common questions.

How Long Will a Pool Renovation Take?

This depends on how much work is being done to your pool. A simple re-plaster job may only take a few days, but refilling and rebalancing may require 7–10 days to complete. We always do our best to approximate the timeframe required for the work we perform. Still, we sometimes run into unforeseen issues when working on a remodel (i.e., pool plaster needs to be removed due to years of poor water chemistry, or coping and/or tile falling off but this was not evident during the initial consultation). Of course, weather and temperature play a big role as well.

What Constitutes a Renovation?

  • Resurfacing of the pool’s interior (new plaster, pebble, or other interior pool finish).
  • Waterline tile replacement or repair.
  • Installing more efficient pumps, heaters and filters
  • Updating lighting, including switching colors of lighting
  • Pool Coping Repair or Complete Replacement
  • New decking (concrete, exposed aggregate, pavers, stone, etc.)
  • Specialty features such as waterfalls, fountains, sprayers, slides, robotic pool cleaners, automated controls and remotes, pool covers
  • Re-plumbing of pool piping if the decking is being replaced

How Will I Know It’s Time to Renovate My Pool?

For most customers, pool problems arise that indicate it’s time to remodel. Renovations typically revolve around resurfacing, recoping, and updating tiles. Here are a few common issues we see:

  • Plaster is rough on feet or bathing suits
  • Plaster is discolored or cracked
  • Tiles are outdated, discolored, damaged or falling off
  • Coping is delaminated from the top of the Gunite (usually the tile falling off is the telltale sign the coping needs to be replaced
  • Pool has cracks or leaks (repairing without resurfacing can be unsightly!)
  • Pool piping leaks in several areas
  • Pool decking has heaving, cracks or large expansions
Cape Cod Pool Repair Inc
Cape Cod Pool Repair Inc

What Should I Expect During the Renovation?

While our crews make every attempt to minimize the impact on the area surrounding your pool, a remodel site can be dusty, and fine particles can travel long distances, depending on the wind and other factors; therefore, we recommend that pool furniture and potted plants be moved away from the pool area before construction begins and remain in a safe location while construction is in progress. We also highly recommend that all windows be kept closed near the pool for the duration of the pool remodel.

Other Items to Consider When Contemplating a Renovation Include the Following:

  • Access to your pool is critical to maintaining timelines. If we have restricted access, this could impact the time necessary to complete your pool renovation. Our crews will need unfettered access to your pool from start to completion, but we do our best to provide ample notice prior to a new phase of work beginning on your pool.
  • Each of our crews are trained to perform specific pool remodel functions; therefore, it is not unusual for a crew to be scheduled on more than one job in a day. Depending on where the pool is and relative to the schedule, it is quite normal to see people arrive at midday or even in the late afternoon. Generally, off days are planned to allow material to fully dry before the next phase of construction or to provide schedule spacing in the event more time is needed for phase completion than anticipated.

What Should I Expect After the Renovation?

Once the interior pool finish has been applied, it is critical not to stop the water from filling the pool until it is COVERING THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE WATERLINE TILE. After the pool is full, place the hose at the bottom of the spa until full. Do not use “fill line” or “autofill” to fill. Make sure the water source is not connected to a softener or a well, as either of these could be detrimental to your newly installed pool finish.

Cape Cod Pool Repair Pool Plastering HIGHLY recommends hiring a professional to balance your pool chemistry and to help take care of your pool upon completion. However, we can provide step-by-step instructions for any pool owner that wants to take care of the pool themselves. The pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness are extremely important to the proper curing of your pool finish. If you are not comfortable taking care of the pool during the initial start-up period of 28 days, we can recommend options for pool service professionals in your area.

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